Day 1 Sessions

Welcome to the Day 1 lineup! These sessions were designed to help you set the foundation for a virtual summit that will lead you to an epic course launch!

These presentations will be available until Tuesday at 8am EDT.

When you come across questions, comments, or want to give a speaker a shoutout, use the "Chat on Facebook" button to go directly to a thread for that presentation.


Krista Miller

4 Keys to a Money-Making Virtual Summit
Watch here

Ronisha Shead

How to Build a Community of Online Course Buyers
Watch here

Cynthia Jones

How to Overcome Mindset Blocks When Creating Your Summit
Watch here

Jaime Slutzky

Tech Isn't a Four-Letter Word!
Watch here

Jenn Zellers

Creating Your Perfect Summit Theme
Watch here

Joey C. Vitale

Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When Naming Your Summit
Watch here

Dr. Carrie Rose & Lechon Kirb

The Missing Link Between Summit and Course Sales
Watch here

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