Day 2 Sessions

Welcome to the Day 2 lineup! Today's presentations are game-changers in aspects of your summit ranging from having a stress-free launch to creating an incredible attendee experience.

These presentations will be available until Wednesday at 8am EDT.

When you come across questions, comments, or want to give a speaker a shoutout, use the "Chat on Facebook" button to go directly to a thread for that presentation.


Mariana Peña

Scale Your Course Framework Into a Summit
Watch here

Emily Walker

Make Your Attendees Rave About Your Virtual Summit: 5 Tips from a Learning Design Expert
Watch here

Tasha Booth

Stress-Free Digital Launches
Watch here

Elli Runkles

Increase Summit Attendance + Engagement with a Summit Welcome Sequence
Watch here

Klara Cu

8 Ways To Repurpose Live Video & Get More Eyeballs On Your Content
Watch here

Jessica Rasdall

Selecting and Prepping Your Speakers for Success
Watch here

Yvonne Heimann

How to Automate Your Speaker Onboarding & Management
Watch here

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