Day 4 Sessions

Welcome to the Day 4 lineup all about profit and conversions!

These presentations will be available until Friday at 8am EDT.

When you come across questions, comments, or want to give a speaker a shoutout, use the "Chat on Facebook" button to go directly to a thread for that presentation.


Lanie Lamarre

How to Visualize (Literally!) Your Sales Page Performance and Conversion Rates
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Destini Copp

The Summit Fill-Up & Convert Formula
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Zoe Linda

Everyone Is Talking About Your Summit FOR You
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Jenna Drew Dancy

2-3X Your All-Access Pass Sales and Post-Summit Course Profits Using a Messenger Chatbot
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Aleia Walker

Segmenting for Success: How to Segment your List Post-Summit to Get the Most out of your Launch
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Kate McKibbin

How to Profit Even More from Your Summit (with Funnels!)
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Mark Stern

Custom Box Nation: How to Activate Your Avatar and Increase Course Success Rates with Custom Boxes
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