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Danny Ozment Speaker

Danny Ozment
Podcasts Build Successful Summits

Danny Ozment is founder of Emerald City Productions, a podcast production company that has produced many of the top business podcasts in the world. Given that 93% of podcast listeners listen to more than half or all of an episode, it is clear that podcasting will be one of the key marketing channels of the future.

Right now, Danny is wearing out his Walt Disney World annual pass with his wife and 2 kids. When he’s not on Pirates of the Caribbean, he spends his days on mission helping podcasters change the world one download at a time. The free tips he provides at, guarantee you’ll launch and grow a podcast that will impact the world.

Krista Miller
Basics of a Money-Making Virtual Summit

At Summit In A Box, Krista helps entrepreneurs 3x their monthly revenue through virtual summits without wondering where to start or what to do next. Her method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved.

The best part? She makes it easy! With every strategy, copy template, website template, script, tech tutorial, and resources you'd ever need, your summit prep just got a whole lot easier!

Jenn Zellers Headshot

Jenn Zellers
Creating Your Goldilocks Summit Theme

Through Virtual Summit Search, Jenn connects virtual summits hosts with top-notch speakers and eager summit attendees via free virtual summit and speaker directories. Her goal is to help you attract even more summit attendees, as well as the best virtual speakers who know what it takes to be part of a successful virtual summit.

Mary Chan Speaker

Mary Chan
Building Connection Through Identifying Your Ideal Listener

Mary Chan is a Podcast Strategist, Voice Coach, and Voice-Over Artist who believes in empowering you with the self-confidence to find your voice. During her 20-year career in radio, coaching hundreds of radio announcers and small business owners on how to read a script and bring it alive off the page. She’s heard first hand how your voice is the key to connect emotion to emotion with your listeners to build awareness, credibility, and influence. In 2018, Mary founded Organized Sound Productions, a podcast production and consulting company and today, you can find her on her own podcast “The Podcaster’s Guide to a Visible Voice” where you will empower yourself to amplify your voice to speak with courage and spirit.

Desola Headshot

Desola Davis
Journey to Fans: How to Leverage Your Podcast for Monetization

Desola Davis is a Business Growth Strategist and digital customer journey expert who helps course creators and coaches attract, convert, and retain their favorite customers using a strategically designed digital product suite. She has a knack for taking big projects and breaking them down into small, actionable steps--a superpower that she’s used to design and implement corporate initiatives totaling over $1M. Her joy is to help online creators and thought leaders find their raving fan base, increase their customer lifetime value, and leverage their secret sauce to grow their business!

Nicole Ware Speaker

Nicole Batey
Create a Bomb Offer that Makes Your Summit Slap!

If you’re looking to unleash your rockstar status and create a cascade of leads, connections, and revenue from your next launch, then consider Nicole Ware your new biz girlfriend.

Nicole helps female founders, podcasters,  course creators, mastermind hosts, and coaches double their email lists and access 5 (and 6-figure!) launches by creating sizzling virtual summits to launch their awesome offers. With her team, she helps create and execute Oprah-level summits (and subsequent launches) from A-Z. When not helping women create their 5 figure Summits, you can find Nicole sitting VIP at a Backstreet Boys concert (post-COVID of course) or eating lunch in a big rig truck with her husband.

descript_logo_vertical_color_invert v2

How to Optimize Your Podcast + Summit Editing Process

Podcasting isn't always a walk in the park, but Descript makes editing easy (and even fun!).


Andréa Jones
Promoting a Podcast on Social Media

Andréa Jones is fiercely committed to helping businesses and podcasters build profitable online communities through simple social media solutions. She's the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, creator of the Savvy Social School, a digital platform designed to teach its 100+ members (predominantly small business owners) how to implement organic social media strategies, and named one of Social Report's top marketers to follow.


Kate Doster
How to Wow Open the Hearts (and Wallets) of Your Subscribers without Sounding like a Spammer Face

Kate Doster is the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, creator of the Love Your List 2.0 email marketing mega course and is dangerously obsessed with helping ethical entrepreneurs carve out their slice of the interwebs by wooing the hearts (and wallets) open of their small but mighty audiences thanks to fun email marketing and easy yes mini-offers.

She believes you don’t need to bleed the alphabet or be a dirty rotten spam face to write emails that jolt subscribers into taking action, gobbling up your paid offers like candy… or kale if that’s their thing.


Michelle Lewis
Using a Summit in Your Podcast Visibility Strategy

Michelle Lewis is a Visibility and Publicity Expert who helps entrepreneurs skyrocket their visibility, launch their unique show strategy and start landing press for their brand with Hollywood techniques found in the Visibility Lounge.

"The Queen of Visibility" - Founder and CEO Michelle Lewis is a leading authority on color psychology, brand positioning and publicity strategy. She's helped thousands of entrepreneurs land their dream features and impact their ever-expanding audience with her techniques.

Lucas Zellers Speaker

Lucas Zellers
The Right Way to Speak - and When to Speech Wrong

Lucas has been competing in and coaching public speaking for over a decade. He has taken nervous first-time speakers and transformed them into award-winning speakers within just a few sessions.

Coming from a background in reporting, acting, music, and multimedia production, Lucas brings a unique perspective to presentation design and public speaking. His goal is to help his audience and students learn how to craft a presentation that spurs their listeners to action, making their presentation memorable and effective!


Laura Kebart
Hosting Exceptional Podcast & Summit Interviews

Nail your copy, engage your audience, and turn words into revenue. After growing a (multi) 6 figure business in a highly price-sensitive niche, I now guide online entrepreneurs--coaches & membership site owners--in building their own successful businesses through crafting copy that builds connections and results in revenue.


Alana Dawson
How to Find the Right Monetization Strategy for Your Podcast and Listeners

Alana is a podcast coach, editor, and podcast producer who is on a mission to take the overwhelm, frustration, & stress out of podcasting, and put the fun back in! Alana is the host of The Podcasting Party podcast, where she shares simplified step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-implement strategies for podcasters of all stages & phases. Alana is the founder of the female podcast community PodcastHER, where she helps one-woman-shows impact more lives, generate more leads, and earn more income.

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Christopher Hines
Monetize Your Podcast with Affiliate Marketing

Christopher Hines is host of the Personal Branding Playbook. He’s been in the podcast industry for six years. After generating over $50,000 and working with over 30 sponsors, Chris began working with other podcasters to launch, market and monetize their shows. Now Chris speaks at big events such as Podfest, the Outliers Podcast Festival and many more. He’s also co-founded tools for podcasters like Castocity. Chris is the podcast specialist you need!


Dave Jackson
Who Put Members In Your Membership Site? Podcasting That's Who!

Dave Jackson began podcasting in 2005 and launched the School of Podcasting ( His School of Podcasting show has over 2.6 million downloads. He has helped hundreds of people plan, launch and grow their podcast. He is the author of the book Profit from your podcast, and is a featured speaker at events. In 2016 Dave joined Libsyn (the largest podcast hosting company) as part of their tech support team.  In 2018 he was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame.


Jenny Suneson
How to Strategically Use Your Podcast to Book Out Your Programs

Jenny Suneson is a podcast launch strategist and manager and the founder of the popular podcast marketing agency Savvy Podcast Agency. The Savvy Podcast Agency helps female creative entrepreneurs launch and grow their podcasts and turn their listeners into leads.


Tonya R. Moore
How to Create and Sell Your Book Through Your Podcast

Parting ways with her W2 in 2018, Tonya Moore jumped into her entrepreneur’s journey giving her the freedom and flexibility that comes with being her own boss. Tonya is a 2x Amazon bestselling author and speaker.

She earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ, where she majored in business management. She serves on the board of her two non-profit community organizations and organizes annual neighborhood events and activities. She has served as a worship leader and is a member of several ministries in her church.

She is also a Virtual Expert® and CEO of Moore Virtual Solutions, where she helps coaches, authors, and speakers thrive in their businesses as their personal podcast booking agent.
She is also the podcast relationship manager for podcast hosts looking to book ideal guests who resonate with their listening audience. She is the ultimate liaison between hosts and guests. She offers the ideal podcast guest services packages that meet your business goals.

Contact her via email at, Facebook @mooreexpertva, or Instagram @moorevirtualsolutions757


Dr. Lindsay Padilla
How to Create an Audio Course

Dr. Lindsay Padilla is an ex-community college professor who accidentally started a business while on the tenure track. Now, as the CEO and co-founder of the Hello Audio software, which takes your content and creates private audio feeds to make learning on the go much easier for your people, Lindsay challenges online industry norms of unfinished courses and unconsumed content with her product. All of her business ideas were born out of her tenure-track years teaching adults online at a community college, the ridiculous amount of learning she's done in all things education, and the years spent growing her course creation business online.