Sell with a Summit Podcast

This exclusive podcast for Sell with a Summit attendees will help you get up to speed on the keys to hosting a wildly successful virtual summit that simultaneously increases your signature course sales!


Episodes available now:

  1. Welcome to the Sell with a Summit Private Podcast

  2. Virtual Summit 101 Series

    How to Host a Virtual Summit - The 10 Stages

  3. A Summit is a Full Funnel - From Lead Generation to Launch!

  4. Choose Your Profitable Audience and Topic

  5. 3 Ways to Monetize a Free Summit

  6. Behind the Scenes - Part 1

    How Lucy Used a Summit to Build Momentum Around a Business Pivot

  7. How Shannon Made $55k by Launching a Group Program Through a Sponsorship

  8. Summit Myth Busters

    "I don't have an audience and can't host a successful summit"

  9. "Speakers won't want to be a part of my summit"

  10. "Virtual summits are overdone"

  11. "Free summits attract freebie seekers"

  12. "I don't have time to host a summit"

  13. Behind the Scenes - Part 2

    How Shelby went from a couple hundred dollars per month to a $90k summit in 2 years

  14. How Laurie built and sustains her business with virtual summits

  15. Pre-Party Sessions

    Eliminate Launch Burnout With 3 Simple Shifts with Zakia Haughton

  16. Launching With Care: Sustaining Your Energy Without Burning Out with Michelle Stevens

  17. Focused: Get Your Most Important Work Done, Without It Taking Over Your Life with Megan Flatt

  18. Behind the Scenes - Part 3

    The Power of Creating a Platform for Your Speakers with Allie Trumpower

  19. How Kimberly went from 1k to 9k subscribers in 1 year + built a strong community

  20. Live Event Updates

    Kickoff Call - What to Expect + Launch Strategy Breakdowns

  21. Course Launch Tune-Up presentations - Coming December 6

  22. Money-Making Summit presentations - Coming December 7

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