Podcaster Sessions

Welcome to the Sell With a Summit: Podcaster Edition lineup! These sessions were designed to help you set the foundation for a virtual summit that will help you
grow and monetize your podcast!

These presentations will be available for 48 hours after you registered.


Danny Ozment

Podcasts Build Successful Summits
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Krista Miller

4 Keys to a Money-Making Virtual Summit
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Jenn Zellers

Creating Your Goldilocks Summit Theme
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Mary Chan

Identify Your Ideal Listener To Grow Your Podcast
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Desola Davis

Journey to Fans: How to Leverage Your Podcast for Monetization
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Nicole Batey

Create a Bomb Offer that Makes Your Summit Slap!
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How to Optimize Your Podcast + Summit Editing Process
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Andréa Jones

Promoting a Podcast on Social Media
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Kate Doster

How to Wow Open the Hearts (and Wallets) of Your Subscribers without Sounding like a Spammer Face
Watch here

Michelle Lewis

Using a Summit in Your Podcast Visibility Strategy
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Lucas Zellers

The Right Way to Speak - and When to Speech Wrong
Watch here

Laura Kebart

Hosting Exceptional Podcast & Summit Interviews
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Alana Dawson

How to Find the Right Monetization Strategy for Your Podcast and Listeners
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Christopher Hines

Monetize Your Podcast with Affiliate Marketing
Watch here

Dave Jackson

Using Your Podcast To Fill Your Membership Site
Watch here

Jenny Suneson

How to Strategically Use Your Podcast to Book Out Your Programs
Watch here

Tonya R. Moore

How to Create and Sell Your Book Through Your Podcast
Watch here

Dr. Lindsay Padilla

How to Create an Audio Course
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