Sell With a Summit

Grow and monetize your podcast - without sponsors - through a virtual summit!

Getting paid to podcast isn't just a dream!

So you've got the guests, you're doing the work, but you know your podcast could do even more than it is right now. What you really want is to...

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Make money podcasting - without needing sponsors

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Grow your podcast listeners while making meaningful connections

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Discover a strategy more powerful than Facebook ads or sponsors

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Connect with 20+ industry experts who you’ve been too afraid to approach

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See all of this come together to grow and monetize your podcast

You can have all of these things without
constantly juggling aaaaall the new strategies. How?

With the power of a virtual summit

HERE AT SELL WITH A SUMMIT: Podcaster EDITION, WE’LL show you how to grow and monetize your podcast WITH A VIRTUAL SUMMIT

15+ experts how to use virtual summits to skyrocket your authority, grow your podcast audience, and monetize too!

Maybe you're...


Frustrated with the slow growth of your podcast audience (because no new listeners means no sponsors)

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Sick of podcasting strategies that don't work (or seem to slowly inch you forward)


Ready to blow your podcast goals out of the water within the next 90 days!

If that sounds like you, it’s time to run your own virtual summit

Meet Your host

Jenn Zellers Headshot

Through Virtual Summit Search, Jenn connects virtual summits hosts with top-notch speakers and eager summit attendees via free virtual summit and speaker directories. Her goal is to help you attract even more summit attendees, as well as the best virtual speakers who know what it takes to be part of a successful virtual summit.

The Details


Right now! You'll have access to Sell With A Summit: Podcaster Edition for 72 hours with a variety of actionable presentations to choose from each day


I prefer to do my hair and leave the house as little as possible! With that being said, you can tune into the summit from the comfort of your couch and yoga pants


Presentations are 15-30 minutes long and have checklists to track the actions you take. The presentations will be available for 72 hours after you register to encourage you to stop waiting and take action!

Get lifetime access

After registering, you can upgrade to gain access to the replays OR the All-Access Pass. That means you'll get ongoing access to presentations, full worksheets and transcripts for each presentation, bonus resources, and more. You won't want to miss it!

A summit just for podcasters

You don’t need a ton of general advice that you could do a quick Pinterest search to find.

We created this summit specifically for podcasters like you who want to grow their podcast (and repeat it over and over) with a virtual summit and start making money from their podcast by serving their new audience!

Every presentation is specialized for podcasters, not every Joe Schmo off the street, making it a whole lot more impactful and actionable.

I'll be the first to tell you that hosting a profitable virtual summit takes serious work, but I am dedicated to helping you leave this event with the strategies you need and a solid action plan to make your summit happen within 90 days.

Danny Ozment Speaker

Danny Ozment

Podcasts Build Successful Summits

Jenn Zellers Headshot

Jenn Zellers

Creating Your Goldilocks Summit Theme


Krista Miller

4 Keys to a Money-Making Virtual Summit

Mary Chan Speaker

Mary Chan

Identify Your Ideal Listener To Grow Your Podcast

Desola Headshot

Desola Davis

Journey to Fans: How to Leverage Your Podcast for Monetization

Nicole Ware Speaker

Nicole Batey

Create a Bomb Offer that Makes Your Summit Slap!

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How to Optimize Your Podcast + Summit Editing Process


Andréa Jones

Promoting a Podcast on Social Media


Kate Doster

How to Wow Open the Hearts (and Wallets) of Your Subscribers Without Sounding like a Spammer Face


Michelle Lewis

Using a Summit in Your Podcast Visibility Strategy

Lucas Zellers Speaker

Lucas Zellers

The Right Way to Speak - and When to Speech Wrong


Laura Kebart

Hosting Exceptional Podcast & Summit Interviews


Alana Dawson

How to Find the Right Monetization Strategy for Your Podcast and Listeners


Christopher Hines

Monetize Your Podcast with Affiliate Marketing


Dave Jackson

Using Your Podcast To Fill Your Membership Site


Jenny Suneson

How to Strategically Use Your Podcast to Book Out Your Programs


Tonya R. Moore

How to Create and Sell Your Book Through Your Podcast


Dr. Lindsay Padilla

How to Create an Audio Course

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are *not* going to want to miss this event

It's time to…

Stop relying on podcast growth and monetization methods that lead to slow (or no) growth or profit.

Grow your podcast in a way that will multiply your email list AND let you monetize without sponsors.

Use proven processes, rather than making it all up from scratch and crossing your fingers that it will work.

Join us for Sell With A Summit: Podcaster Edition today!


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