Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition

Learn how to combine the power of your proven signature course with a high-converting virtual summit to hit your next-level launch goal and scale your course sales.

December 6-8, 2022

A 3-day event for experienced course creators! 

Presented by Summit in a Box

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You know by now that building a thriving online course business takes a whole lot more than setting up an evergreen funnel and watching the sales roll in.

You’re getting a lot of things right: You’re growing your list, nurturing your leads with valuable content, and regularly launching or promoting your signature course.

Each time you launch, you see the work pay off with new course sales, but if you’re being really honest… You put in A LOT of work before, during, and in between launches to get those sales, and sometimes you wonder if it’s even worth it.

You find yourself...


Frustrated with slow list growth (despite all the freebies, bundles, collabs, and money spent on ads).

DSC_3384 (1)

Tired of getting to the end of a launch and feeling like you have to jump right back on the hamster wheel to generate new leads before the next one.


Stuck at a revenue plateau that you just can’t surpass, but aren’t sure how to increase your launch results without working harder and burning yourself out.

There has got to be a better way!

What if you could attract, nurture, AND convert leads for your signature course all at the same time?

How great would it feel to….

Generate thousands of new, high-quality leads who are a perfect fit for your course without spending a ton of money on ads (and actually make money instead).

Provide those new leads with a unique and engaging experience that creates a meaningful transformation and takes them from cold to hot in one week.

Build on that momentum with a launch that presents your course as the obvious next-step to help your new leads continue the journey (with people begging you to open the cart already!).

Break through your revenue plateau with a record-breaking course launch that blows your previous results out of the water and sets you up for increased sales in the months that follow.

All while making connections with 20+ of your industry peers and putting together an amazing event that benefits everyone involved (and sets you up for even more profitable collabs in the future).

This is exactly what you’ll experience when you sell your signature course with a summit!

During Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition you’ll learn how to host a virtual summit that serves as a full funnel in one.

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Scale your signature course sales


Solidify your industry expert status


Set yourself up for your most profitable year in business yet!

Join us for Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition, and head into 2023 with a solid plan for scaling your signature course and hitting your next-level launch goal with a virtual summit!

Meet Your host


Hi, I’m Krista!

I’ve been hooked on summits ever since I hosted my first back in 2018 and it completely transformed my business.

That first summit surpassed every single one of my goals, and it wasn’t long before people were asking me how I did it. So I packaged up the summit hosting processes I’d documented at every step of the way and started sharing them in my new company - Summit in a Box®.

Soon, my systems, strategies, templates, and resources had grown into a full-blown course that was helping others host wildly successful virtual summits that were blowing industry standards out of the water.

I knew I was on to something, but It wasn’t until I became a course creator that I discovered the true power of virtual summits. After creating my course and getting a successful launch under my belt, I decided to experiment when it came time to host my next summit:

Course launches and summits are both powerful strategies on their own. What would happen if I combined the two?

The results completely blew my mind.

My next summit was on the smaller side compared to previous events, but even with only 1200 summit attendees, I was able to incorporate a launch into my summit and generate over $60k in course sales following my event.

From there, I helped my clients get similar results by incorporating feel-good course launches into their virtual summits, and now, at Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition, you can learn how to do it too.

Grab your ticket and join me and a group of course launch and virtual summit strategists for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you scale your course sales with a virtual summit!

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Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition was created with Experienced Course Creators in mind.

You don’t need another summit teaching entry-level marketing tactics or general launching advice. And you definitely don’t have time to sit through long presentations to learn something you could have found with a quick Google search.

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at this event.

Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition was specifically created for intermediate to advanced course creators like you:

You know the basics of how a sales funnel works

You’ve got a successful course launch (or a few) under your belt

You’ve already made sales of your signature course

Instead of covering the basics that you learned in your early days in business, this summit is about helping you build on the things that you’re already getting right.

Through short, action-packed presentations from our expert lineup of course launch and virtual summit strategists, you’ll learn advanced strategies for scaling your signature course sales with a virtual summit.


What to Expect at Sell with a Summit


When and Where

Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition will run from December 6-8th, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.


Expert Sessions

Attend presentations from our lineup of speakers with trainings on intermediate and advanced course launch techniques, profitable and engaging summit strategies, and how to combine the two into a wildly successful summit that leads into your best course launch yet. Your free ticket includes 24 hour access to each presentation during the week of the summit.


'Let's Do Better' Sessions

Even though this event is highly focused on scaling your course sales, sometimes being as strategic and efficient as possible isn't the most important thing. Learn how to run a more inclusive and accessible course business with presentations from two experts in the accessibility and DEI space.


Pre-party sessions

The summit officially kicks off on December 6th, but you don’t have to wait until then to get started. The week before the summit, starting on November 29th, we’ll have a daily pre-party session focused on Preventing Launch Burnout so you can launch your course with a summit without burning out.


Sell with a Summit podcast

As soon as you register, you’ll get access to the private Sell with a Summit Podcast included with your free ticket! This exclusive podcast for Sell with a Summit attendees will help you get up to speed on the keys to hosting a wildly successful virtual summit that simultaneously increases your signature course sales!


3 days of Focus Sessions

Throughout the summit, you'll learn powerful ways to improve your current launches and tie those strategies into a money-making summit. And while knowing the strategies is great, taking action is greater. From December 6-8, you'll have full access to the Focus Sessions calendar so you can attend live, facilitated virtual co-working sessions to implement what you're learning and knock out your other important tasks for the week.


Private Summit Community

You’ll also have access to our private Facebook community of course creators like you who are making plans and setting goals to have their biggest course launch yet by selling with a summit in 2023! This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers and other future summit hosts before and during the event. We’re already in here partying it up, so grab your ticket and you’ll be able to join us right after registering!


Upgrade for a VIP experience!

After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the Summit to Course Launch Success Kit which includes ongoing access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, exclusive coaching opportunities during the event, and premium bonuses from our speakers. You’ll get all the details and a special offer after grabbing your free ticket!

Meet the Speakers

Check out the incredible lineup of virtual summit, funnel and course launch strategists you’ll learn from at Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition!

Pre-Party: Preventing Launch Burnout

Before we dive into course-scaling strategies, we’re starting with pre-party sessions Nov. 29-Dec. 1. These sessions will help you put yourself first and enjoy the process of selling with a summit so you can launch with more ease than ever before.

Zakia Haughton

Zakia Haughton

Eliminate Launch Burnout With 3 Simple Shifts

Michelle Stevens

Michelle Stevens

Launching With Care: Sustaining Your Energy Without Burning Out

Megan Flatt

Megan Flatt

Focused: Get Your Most Important Work Done, Without It Taking Over Your Life

Day 1: Course Launch Tune Up

We’ll kick things off with a course launch deep-dive to make sure your launches are as effective as possible. After tuning up your course launch strategy, you’ll have all the pieces in place to successfully sell with a summit!

Elli Runkles

Elli Runkles

Sales Page Copy Critiques

Erica Courdae

Erica Courdae

Ethics of Inclusive Payment Plans: Rethink What You’ve Been Taught About Payment Plans vs. Pay In Full

Brenna McGowan

Brenna McGowan

How to Create a Persuasive Pre-Launch

Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz

The Step-by-Step Strategy for Optimizing Your Webinar TODAY

Gemma Bonham Carter

Gemma Bonham Carter

The Hybrid Sales Method: Your Blueprint to Increasing Course Revenue with a Mixed Marketing Approach

Nadine Anderson

Nadine Anderson

Leverage Instagram DM Automation to Increase Sales & Deliver Exceptional Customer Support

Eden Fried

Eden Fried

Earn Big Course Profits with Order Bumps & Upsells

Lindsay Padilla

Lindsay Padilla

How to Use Audio to Add Massive Value to Your Courses and Launches

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill

How I Average 50+ Visibility Opportunities Every Year Using Relationship Marketing (and Without Pitching)

Day 2: Money-Making Virtual Summits

Not all summits are profitable, but with the strategies you’ll learn on Day 2, we’ll make sure yours is. We’ll cover what goes into hosting an engaging virtual summit that creates amazing results for everyone involved, including you!

Elli Runkles

Elli Runkles

Summit Positioning Hot Seats


Krista Miller

Fill Your Funnel with Leads & Launch Your Course Through a High-Converting Summit

Desola Davis

Desola Davis

From Free Tickets to Course Sales: Building Your Summit to Course Launch Journey

LaKisha Mosley

LaKisha Mosley

Creating An Experience For Your Online Event

Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins

Online Accessibility 101

Victoria Boyd

Victoria Boyd

Boosting Summit & Launch Profits with a DM Strategy

nicole batey

Nicole Batey

Alright Y'all - Let's Talk Hiring a Producer for Your Virtual Summit

Jenn Zellers Virtual Summit Search Square

Jenn Zellers

Make Your Summit Live FOREVER with an Evergreen Strategy

Untitled design (1)

Krista Miller

Virtual Summit Q&A

Day 3: From Summit to Course Launch

Launches and summits are both powerful on their own, but putting them together is where the magic happens! On Day 3, we’ll combine these strategies so you can host a wildly successful summit that leads into your biggest course launch yet. 

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Post-Summit Profits Workshop

The growth doesn't need to stop once your summit does. Learn to leverage your momentum, email list, & connections once your summit is over in this live, actionable workshop.


Advanced Summit to Course Launch Training

Learn our 3-part framework to replace your slow-growth marketing with a virtual summit that will 3x your revenue and lead to your biggest launch yet.

As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, coaching sessions, and workshops this is an event you do not want to miss.

Click below to grab your free ticket and join us for Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition!


My course launch was 4x my previously largest launch and I believe that is 100% because hosting the summit set me up as the go-to expert and put me in front of a targeted warm audience. Attendees were ready to purchase days before I opened the cart thanks to these strategies. - Pam Grice

I loved learning the community-minded selling strategies that led me to a profitable summit without pushing a hard sell. I wasn't sure how I'd make that work with selling a course at the end of my summit, but Krista has mapped out a thoughtful step-by-step process to ensure that you're selling the right product, presenting it to speakers in a way that makes everyone comfortable, and getting sales without feeling like you're just having the summit to sell the course! - Margaux Fraise


You’re ready to experience what virtual summits can do for your online course business. 

It’s time to stop relying on slow-growth marketing, build on the things you’re already getting right, and get on the fast track to hitting your course launch goals with a virtual summit. 

Grab your free ticket by clicking the link below and join us to learn the most powerful strategy out there for scaling your signature course goals and making 2023 your best year in business yet!

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Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition

Grab your free ticket and learn how to combine the power of your proven signature course with a high-converting virtual summit to hit your next-level launch goal and scale your course sales!