Simply Profitable Designer Summit

Get in front of our engaged audience of course creators

Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition is a unique advertising opportunity to get in front of a course creator audience who isn't used to being advertised to in this way. Our audience is eager to learn more information about strategies and products that will increase their course sales, improve their funnel, and get them in front of a wider audience. 


December 6-8, 2022

What is Sell with a Summit?

Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition was created to speak to the already successful course creator. They have a proven offer that sells and now want to sell more of it, both by improving their current funnel and learning new strategies that actually work.

This demographic is the 24-45 business owner with a proven digital course. We tend to attract those who identify as female, but there is definitely a mix. Most of our audience is located in the United States, but this will be a global event.

How does it all work?

We've experimented through our last 8 events to create the most engaging event possible for our attendees, speakers, and now you! Here are some important details:


A 3-day virtual event featuring a group of industry expert presentations each day

Community Support

An attendee-only Facebook group where the most engagement happens

Create packages that sell

The ability to upgrade to either an all-access pass or large bundle of resources for course creators

Co-working day

Live host + sponsor led sessions to compliment the pre-recorded presentations and create a lasting impact

Design a sales page that converts

Additional opportunities to advertise to our wider audience, including an email list of 10k, Facebook community of 4k, podcast audience, and more.

See more about the event on our in-progress registration page.

Who We're Looking to Collaborate With

We're looking for the perfect companies to collaborate with and put in front of our engaged audience.

Value Community

The power of our summit is just how much our attendees value community and being a part of something bigger. We're looking for companies who care about their community as much as we do.

Value Efficiency

Our audience has the basics of selling courses down, have sales coming in, and now want to identify areas to improve. We want to introduce them to companies that will elevate their funnels and increase their sales or make running their business more enjoyable.

Here's what past speakers have to say!

You made it so easy! I have at least 300 new subscribers, 75 applications for my Web Designer Academy course, and an immediate $5000 sale! Not to mention all the affiliate commissions + connections. It's an incredible opportunity - thank you for having me!

Shannon Mattern

Oh my gosh, I loved it all. I have almost 400 attendees registered for my new masterclass because of the summit, 300 new email subscribers, and a flood of DM's! But connecting with attendees was prob my fave!!

Lydia Kerr

The audience was so engaged and excited to be there. I saw 40 new IG followers and 17 product purchases! Money wasn't my goal for this, but it was the icing on top. I accomplished my main goal of connecting with great design freelancers!!

Avani Miriyala

You literally made the ENTIRE experience so easy. My list grew by more than 400, and I saw attendees continue to sign up MONTHS after the summit was over!

Steph Wharton

I really loved how engaged and action-oriented a lot of the attendees were! My IG audience grew by almost 150; my email list grew by over 600 subscribers; I'm also pretty sure at least $2500 of March revenue came from summit traffic. ♥︎ Thank you for letting me be a part of this, it's been an amazing experience!

Melanie Lea

Here's how we'll put you in front of our audience

We will custom tailor each sponsorship package based on how you prefer to get in front of new audiences and how your offers convert best! Here are sample packages:


Ready to advertise at the Simply Profitable Designer Summit? Reply to our original email thread and we'll move forward with the next steps. We can't wait to get you in front of this engaged and unique audience!