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Hey hey! I'm so excited to team up with you to pull off an incredible event.

Sell With A Summit is a 5-day virtual event that will help podcasters grow and monetize their podcast through a virtual summit - without needing sponsors.

On this page, you’ll find answers to any questions you might have about partnering with Sell With a Summit. If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at

I am dedicated to a smooth, easy, and beneficial process for you!

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How it'll all work

Let’s do a quick rundown of how this event will work.

The summit will run from March 22-26. The first 4 days will have 4-5 pre-recorded presentations running each day. These presentations will include 15-25 minutes of content and a checklist to help attendees follow along with the action steps.

While the sessions are pre-recorded, we'll have a thread for each presentation in the attendee group as well as virtual discussion tables. This is where they’ll go to ask questions and let you know how much they loved your presentation and product! It gives you a chance to engage with the attendees and answer any questions they may have related to your product topic.

On Friday - our Action day - I'll host 5 live sessions including a co-working and networking session. You or your team are more than welcome to join us and engage with the attendees as they implement what they’ve learned from you and start using your product!

Who's attending Sell With a Summit?

  • New and established podcasters
  • They want to monetize their podcast but aren't big enough to get sponsors
  • Ready to invest in products that will save them time and help them monetize



The numbers from Sell WIth a Summit: Course Creator Edition:


What's in it for you?

So this all sounds great... but what happens when you partner with Sell With a Summit? Let’s chat about it!

You get access to and engagement with podcasters

Sell With a Summit is designed to help podcasters grow their podcast audience while also preparing them to monetize their podcast. They need your help. Many of the podcasters attending Sell With a Summit feel stuck. They don't have the audience size to attract sponsors, but they don't know any other options that actually work.

They need other solutions.

When they host a summit, they're automatically growing their podcast audience and opening up monetization opportunities. There are so many podcast monetization opportunities, but it's hard for podcasters to find the best ones, much less choose the one that best fits them!

They need YOU.

This is why I'd love to partner with you through Sell With a Summit. The attendees need you and there are opportunities to get your product in front of podcasters who've put their money where their mouth is and bought paid access to the additional summit resources. This gives you the chance to get your product in front of qualified leads and, better yet, to engage with them.

Let's customize your partnership package

Every partnership is different and your goals are not the same as someone else's. Sell With a Summit doesn't offer cookie-cutter packages; instead, we listen to your goals and work WITH you to create a package that achieves those goals.

Some examples of what your partnership package might include:

  • Dedicated Workshop:
    • Host a session focused specifically on your product and how it helps the attendee accomplish a goal related to the summit theme
    • For example: The best way to monetize your podcast
  • Visibility:
    • Prominent logo placement
  • Exclusive Email:
    • Have an email sent out to summit attendees dedicated to your product/service
  • Giveaway Highlight: 
    • Get more attendees interested in your product by highlighting it in the summit giveaways
  • Grand Prize/Scholarship Giveaway:
    • Get qualified leads by giving a premium prize to one summit attendee
    • Participants will apply to be entered in the scholarship giveaway
    • You may set your parameters for the entries and awarding the prize
  • Swag Bag:
    • Add your product to the summit swag bag!
    • Receive qualified, engaged leads with a free trial or another offer in the digital summit swag bag that will be sent to every attendee
  • Premium Swag Bag:
    • Include your product in the exclusive premium swag bag
    • This version is sent only to attendees who have purchased one of the paid summit passes, so they are additionally qualified as a purchaser
    • NOTE: any products included in the premium swag bag should be more than a regular free trial - it should be something with monetary value that the attendee cannot receive for free elsewhere 
  • Ask Me Anything Session:
    • Give attendees the opportunity to ask you (or your team) their questions live on video to increase engagement with your offer
  • Partner Table:
    • Host a dedicated table in the lobby to talk about your topic with attendees and answer any questions they may have


  • Affiliate Option:
    • NOTE: This option cannot be combined with all of the above options
    • Host an educational session (this can promote your product)
    • Your product will be promoted via a premium affiliate link (should offer the attendee a little something extra vs. a regular affiliate link, e.g. extra time on a trial)
    • There is no upfront cost for this partnership option, but it will require an email to be sent to your subscriber list to let them know about the summit

What's the next step?

These are just some examples of what we can include in a Sell With a Summit partnership package. Before we customize your partnership proposal, I want to get to know you better. Let's hop on a call and chat about how we can best partner together!

Click HERE to schedule a call.

Who's speaking at Sell With a Summit?

We have some AMAZING speakers joining us for Sell With a Summit: Podcaster Edition!

Danny Ozment Speaker

Danny Ozment
Emerald City Productions


Krista Miller
Summit in a Box

Jenn Zellers Headshot

Jenn Zellers
Virtual Summit Search

Desola Headshot

Desola Davis
Virtuous You

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Andrea Jones
Social Savvy Podcast


Kate Doster
Inbox Besties Podcast

Alana Dawson

Alana Dawson
Podcast Producer

Michelle Lewis Speaker

Michelle Lewis
Visibility Vixen


Christopher Hines
Elite Podcast Marketing Agency


Jenny Suneson
Podcast Producer

Mark Stern Speaker

Mark Stern
Custom Box Agency

Let's get in touch!

I'm excited to chat with you about partnering together! I look forward to hearing about your goals and collaborating to customize a partnership package that helps you achieve those goals. Just fill out the quick form below and we'll get a call scheduled!

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