Words from Speakers

I know it's not always worth your time to be part of an online event. Hosts are unorganized and pushy on top of not really caring whether you get any benefit at all from your efforts. I've been a part of events like that and I know how disappointing it is, so it is always my goal to make events pay off for the speakers.

To show you that I'm committed to you seeing a return from your efforts, here are some samples of what past speakers have said about this specific event and others we've hosted:

You made it so easy! I have at least 300 new subscribers, 75 applications for my Web Designer Academy course, and an immediate $5000 sale! Not to mention all the affiliate commissions + connections. It's an incredible opportunity - thank you for having me!

Shannon Mattern

Oh my gosh, I loved it all. I have almost 400 attendees registered for my new masterclass because of the summit, 300 new email subscribers, and a flood of DM's! But connecting with attendees was prob my fave!!

Lydia Kerr

The audience was so engaged and excited to be there. I saw 40 new IG followers and 17 product purchases! Money wasn't my goal for this, but it was the icing on top. I accomplished my main goal of connecting with the attendees!

Avani Miriyala

Absolutely loved the entire experience from start to finish. The opt-in from the event has received 211 sign-ups, so that's AWESOME! As a speaker, the summit felt seamless, easy to navigate + promote, and completely empowering.

Xanthe Appleyard

You literally made the ENTIRE experience so easy. My list grew by more than 400, and I saw attendees continue to sign up MONTHS after the summit was over!

Steph Wharton

The entire process was so easy! Krista did such a fantastic job of outlining what was expected and made it easy for educators to share their content leading up to the summit. Plus, the group of students was just fantastic. I've had 200+ registrations for my free webinar which has already lead to 6 sales for my course!

Bonnie Bakhtiari

I really enjoyed getting to know all the incredible speakers and my email list gained over 300 subscribers! It was so special to be apart of your summit.

Giselle Field

I really loved how engaged and action-oriented a lot of the attendees were! My IG audience grew by almost 150; my email list grew by over 600 subscribers; I'm also pretty sure at least $2500 of March revenue came from summit traffic. ♥︎ Thank you for letting me be a part of this, it's been an amazing experience!

Melanie Lea

I really enjoyed how you had ways to interact with attendees before, during, and after our talks. I added a few hundred new subscribers to my list through the all-access pass upgrades alone!

Abbey McGrew

I really enjoyed connecting with other speakers and attedndees and growing my network! The entire summit felt flawless and so professional! I felt extremely supported during the entire promo period and during the week of the summit. It’s given me the confidence to put myself out there more. This summit opened my eyes to visibility being fun!

Sarah Masci

The experience is seamless (as per usual) and I LOVE getting new leads (175 new subscribers through the all-access pass options, and 83 new subscribers for my lead magnet shared on my presentation.) Everyone LOVED the content!

Melissa Burkheimer

What I loved most about being a speaker for this summit was how incredibly organized and simple you made it for us AND how engaged the audience was. I had everything I needed, all of my questions answered, and felt so prepared to present and share than I ever have before. Also, this was the MOST engaged audience I've ever had for an online summit. I think it was because you really narrowed down and defined the niche and the people showing up knew they were getting information tailored to them!

Ashley Cox

I loved how SIMPLE you made it to participate from just preparing for the summit in general to creating affiliate info and what was expected when, being a speaker in this summit was truly a dream. I've already had 40+ people grab my free training since my presentation!

Jordan Gill

I loved sharing what I know and seeing how much it helped clarify (and simplify) the social media process for the students who attended. Honestly, everything was perfect. You want above and beyond!

Andréa Jones

I enjoyed the chance to share something helpful with your community, and that it was such a niched community that I knew what was going to be valuable to them, and what wouldn't be. I also loved how easy you made it to present and interact with the group! This was seamless! Plus your community was so engaged. They asked questions, reached out afterward and engaged so much more than typical summits. I've already seen a few signups for my workshop and before the summit even started, I was seeing new faces in my Facebook group who came directly from the summit group.

Ashley Gartland

You made it so freakin' easy.

James Rose